Youth & Community Worker

Youth & Community Worker
Job title: Youth & Community Worker
Responsible to: Vicar
Hours: 40 hours over 5 days per week.
Directly managing: Volunteer team
Annual leave: 33 days including statutory days, pro rata.
Salary: Competitive – dependant on experience & qualifications

1. Purpose of the Job
a. To develop Yateley Parish Church’s engagement with the local community.
b. To oversee Yateley Parish Church’s youth provision and support other local youth provision.
2. General Administrative Duties
a. To ensure events and all aspects of the work have a high standard of administration.
b. Maintain records as necessary.
c. Ensure compliance with GDPR policy and practice.
d. Ensure communication across team members and with other groups or interested parties, is clear and as helpful for the team and its work.
e. Manage time and resources well, both own and other team members.
f. Provide reports as required on the progress and performance of activities.
3. Financial
a. Draw up activity budgets and ensure activities keep within agreed costs.
b. Monitor and control income and expenditure.
c. Ensure all financial activities comply with Yateley Parish Church’s financial policy and good practice.
4. Community Engagement
a. Identify opportunities for events and activities that enhance community life and strengthen relationships between parishioners and their Parish Church.
b. To enable people to make links between community activities and the Christian Faith that is at the heart of St Peter’s Church and motivates everything it does.
c. Develop imaginative schemes that encourage and develop relationships with the St Peter’s retail operations and the Community Hub. This will be done by working with shop staff and developing plans that build on retail opportunities.
d. Overseeing all of St Peter’s Church community events.
e. Developing a programme that integrates with and builds on St Peter’s various outreach ministries and activities.
f. Ensuring good publicity of events through the use of appropriate media.
5. Youth Work
a. To oversee St Peter’s provision for young people of Secondary School age and above.
b. To encourage and assist young people to find and grow in the Christian faith.
c. Oversight of arrangements for midweek and Sunday morning groups, recruiting team members, supporting them and developing the work.
d. Oversight of any other activities arranged for or by the young people, such as weekends away.
e. To engage with Vision 4 Youth in Yateley, to build relationships and support their work.
f. To engage with Yateley School and to build an actively supportive relationships with them. This will mean contributing to the school’s programme (e.g. RE lessons; corporate worship).
6. Key Relationships
a. The Vicar – line manager.
b. The Team Leaders of Café 46 and Discoveries.
c. The Youth Team.
d. Vision 4 Youth staff
e. Yateley School.
f. The leaders of St Peter’s Parish outreach ministries.
7. Staff
a. There will be an annual staff review. Other reviews may be conducted as necessary or helpful.
b. To establish and maintain an effective and enthusiastic team of volunteers.
8. Safety
a. To ensure that safety is a priority in and around all activities. Complying with St Peter’s Safeguarding policies and procedures (with regard to relationships with individuals and groups), and Health and Safety policies and procedures (with regard to facilities and equipment).
b. Maintaining records as appropriate in exercising your role and to ensure compliance with the Parish’s GDPR policy, and any other relevant policy.
c. Follow best practice as explained within St Peter’s Staff Handbook.
d. Encouraging and contributing to a culture that prioritises safe and responsible working at all times.
9. Miscellaneous
a. This Job Description is not an exhaustive list of duties. The role is varied and both flexibility and initiative will frequently be required.
b. To carry out additional duties within the scope of your job title, as may be required by your line manager.
c. With consultation, this Job Description will be revised from time to time to ensure that it reflects the developing needs of St Peter’s Church.
d. There is a Genuine Occupational Requirement that the post holder is a practising Christian

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Job Type

Full time, 40 hrs over 5 days per week


Yateley, Hampshire


Closing date: 7 September 2018


Competitive – dependant on experience & qualifications