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21st December 2020

CYM prepares for 2021

This has been a demanding term for CYM as we have faced up to the challenges of re-structuring and re-organising ourselves to meet our changed circumstances. Our plans to move to Leicester and start teaching a first year of Newman students had to be changed at the last minute, due to unexpected difficulties with the transfer of our activities out of St John’s, and the staff team have had a demanding term adapting to the ever-changing requirements of COVID as well as continuing to deliver our programmes to their usual high standard. The trustees are extremely grateful to them for all their hard work and dedication and wish them a joyful and peaceful Christmas holiday.


Before the team in England can have a break, another task remains: CYM is moving out of St. John’s College in Bramcote. The team is currently packing up all our resources to be stored, while we continue to teach at our new temporary home at Trent Vineyard Church in Nottingham. The college has been the home of the Midlands Centre for more than twenty years. I’m sure that many of you who came to St. John’s will have memories of the building and the people there and will hear this news with a pang of sadness. If these had been normal times, we would have had a closing service and given thanks for all that the site has been to so many people. In the absence of a service, please will you join us in giving thanks to God for every person, student, lecturer, tutor or friend who has passed through the building, and for all they have achieved there. We also commit ourselves and our work into his hands for the future. The uncertainties of this year will doubtless still have impacts in 2021, but we know that we can trust God, who was part of the plans for CYM twenty years ago and who guides us still.


The trustees are grateful for the support of so many friends and colleagues during the past few months and we wish you a joyful and peaceful Christmas.

Dr. Alastair Jones

Chair of Trustees – CYM

CYM lectureres Robin Smith and Graham Bright packing course books as CYM says farewell to St John’s College