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Is there a link between young people’s involvement in Christian faith and social justice and how do we develop it?

This dissertation aims to establish whether there is a link between young people’s involvement in the Christian faith and social justice, and the ways in which we can develop it.  I also aim to review the existing literature around this topic and the theological rationale behind this research.  I then aim to use this and the analysis of the data to provide recommendations for development of young people’s involvement in social justice, particularly in reference to my placement. My methodology involved surveys, a focus group and an interview with a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data.  My findings centred on the barriers preventing young people of faith’s positive attitudes around social justice translating into activism and the ways in which we can address this.  I then conclude with recommendations my research and literature review have lead me too.

Beth Mosby

Beth studied with MCYM for 3 years achieving a BA (Hons) in Youthwork, Communities and Practical Theology