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Multicultural Children’s Ministry and its effect on child spiritual, social and educational development

Multiculturalism is a topic of growing interest within the wider church. Despite this, there is little research being undertaken into the effect it has on children within a multicultural children’s ministry. This dissertation focuses on the impact of multiculturalism on the social, educational and spiritual development of children within a church children’s ministry. These research aims were met through a comprehensive literature review and through empirical data collection using a combination of action research and ethnography methods. The findings firstly underlined that culture impacts every part of our lives and the interaction between cultures that are similar and different help individuals to develop. Secondly, that keeping multiculturalism in mind during curriculum development provides an enriching environment for children to engage with in an appropriate way. This dissertation provides recommendations of further research and development into a wider reaching and longer lasting curriculum that could be adaptable to any context and cultural diversity.

Keywords: multiculturalism, church, children, curriculum, development

Esther Bee

Esther studied with CYM for 3 years achieving an MA in Ministry, Mission and Professional Studies