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How can we effectively equip volunteers to work in a Christian Drop in Centre with the Homeless?

How can we help the most vulnerable members of our society? Where oppression and addiction obstruct their ability to productively integrate into society and their lives are prematurely threatened in multiple ways.

The main aim of this dissertation is to ensure that, with little provision available, the service that we provide to the homeless continues to evolve and develop whilst continuing to meet the needs of the service users. A breakdown of the aims and objectives follow.

The Dissertation begins by relaying the significance between the current government policies effect on society with statistical information. This contextualises the need for homeless provision in the UK. It also critically analyses the theology behind social justice and Liberation theory.

In the next chapter, the mixed methods qualitative approach is reasoned and explored. The pros and cons of each chosen method are clearly set out and culminates with personal reflections on the research process. The dissertation has integrated previous research from a Pilot Study on the same topic, providing valuable data.

In the following chapter we have the presentation of the findings, starting with a brief quantitative breakdown of the data. Focusing in on the analysis of the specific responses together with a holistic evaluation of the thematic information. Personal reflections on the findings, conclusions and recommendations are included.

The final chapter summarises the findings,  discussion and conclusion from the previous chapter and gives further recommendations.

Michelle Moore

Michelle studied with MCYM for 3 years achieving a BA (Hons) in Contextual Ministry and Practical Theology