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Why is there a decline of young people in the main church services?

This study involves investigating the reasons there is a decline of young people in the main church services. This study maintains that regular attendance of the church services and activities enhances a sense of belonging to a Christian community, a renewed purpose of life, understanding of God, Jesus and knowledge of right and wrong. The gap in the church was explored using a mixed methodology. Using questionnaires, focus groups and observation. Fourteen youth workers and twenty-two young people gave a descriptive account on the reasons they have left the main Church services. The findings from my study brings the young people voice in this research to show that youth are not included in decision making , leadership and do not feel accepted. The main church service was said to be irrelevant, old fashioned, dull and unfriendly. My study affirms that young people who grow up in the church have an identity, established character and a strong respectable connection with church community. This study suggests some active ways that can help the main churches to engage more effectively with the youth. This research can be used as a resource to guide the main church to actively engage with the  young people.

Nancy Heffernan

Nancy studied with MCYM for 3 years achieving a BA (Hons) in Youth and Community Work and Practical Theology