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How Young People Engage with The Bible Through Biblical Narrative

Christian young people face a number of challenges growing up in a technological world.  Opportunities for young people to pause, reflect and contemplate are limited in the busyness of western culture.  Now more than ever, young people need to have an encounter with the Trinitarian God who brings about peace, wellbeing and transformation.

This Study explores how a group of young people who regularly attend an evangelical church engage with the bible and how this helps them with their faith formation.  I have explored the importance of understanding how the micro-narratives of the bible fit into the meta-narrative of God’s salvation story.

This is a small-scale research project, based in one location but draws knowledge and insight from a biblical narrative passed on over thousands of years to traditional development theorists, academic thinkers, fathers of the faith but equally importantly a small group of 11-18 year old young people.  I’ve endeavoured to collate this information into something that is of relevance to my own localised context but also add value to other youth work practitioners.

This study is part of ongoing action research that should not only focus on young people but has a relevance to the all generations that are representing in and out of the church context.

I hope this study has demonstrated that by giving young people a voice, allowing them to engage their imagination, immerse themselves in the narrative, reflect and share in a supportive environment the biblical study can become a rhythm of life and important habit that keeps young people engaged and growing in wisdom, stature and favour (Luke 2:52).

Neil Hutson

Neil studied with MCYM for 3 years achieving a first class BA (Hons) in Youth and Community Work and Practical Theology