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How effective are current SRE curriculums in promoting healthy and positive relationships?

The aim of this research was to investigate current SRE curriculums and to discover how effective they are at promoting healthy and positive relationships. The conclusions have been drawn from previous literature and my own findings. I collected data through a mixed methods approach. I was able to give questionnaires to 37 young people from diverse backgrounds and schools, I interviewed 6 young people and 4 teachers. I and conducted a focus group with 5 young women.

The main findings from the data collected are that SRE does not include a lot of relationships education.  The themes of consent, social media and the internet appear in the data I collected. Improved teaching is suggested in these areas by both young people and teachers. I also found that young people value highly information about prevention of STIs, safe sex, wellbeing and identifying unhealthy relationships.

The conclusions are that SRE is not effective at promoting healthy and positive relationships and it needs improvement. It is recommended that more needs to be taught about relationships, consent, social media and the internet.

Sarah Robinson

Sarah studied with MCYM for 3 years achieving a BA (Hons) in Schools Youth and Community Work and Practical Theology