Policy and Practice Seminars: 17 May 2018

The Professional Association of Lecturers in Youth and Community Work is funding a series of FREE
national, collaborative ‘Policy and Practice’ seminars around the UK. The aim of these seminars is to foster
greater levels of collaboration between higher education institutions and practice agencies in the profiling
of challenges and opportunities facing youth and community work policy and practice across the UK.

Revisiting the Value of Faith-based Youth Work
Thursday 17th May, 2018: 10:00am-4.00pm

The purpose of this seminar day is to progress a conversation about the value of faith -based*
youth work at a time of change in the sector. Faith-based youth work has had a chequered history
with regards to its importance and recognition within the sector. Some organisations value it
greatly and ensure that those working within the sector are fully supported with access to training,
professional development and support from within their organisations. Others see youth work, or
youth ministry, as an entry level work, training ground, or stepping stone to other ministries within
faith-based or church settings. This seminar will facilitate a discussion on how to best support
professional youth work in faith-based settings with discussions that will address the adequacy
of training, funding and support available through institutional structures that sponsor or employ
faith-based youth workers. This seminar will be held in Northern Ireland where youth services
have been complicated by a number of home issues that have impacted the youth work sector in
recent years. In addition, there has been no policy leadership from Stormont since the June 2017
elections that has resulted in some youth workers being ‘stood aside until funds have been
reinstated’ through to the closure of programmes altogether. This policy context and other
national youth policy programmes will inform the discussion of issues facing the sector.
*The partners involved in hosting this seminar recognise they are drawn from broadly Christian
faith-based agencies and invite active participation from wider faith perspectives.
Hosted by the Youth Link Northern Ireland, this seminar is being delivered in partnership with the
Institute for Children, Youth and Mission, Moorlands College, Nazarene Theological College, the
Scottish School of Christian Missions, UK Christian Youth Work Consortium and YMCA College.
To book your FREE place visit: www.policyandpracticeseminar-belfast.eventbrite.co.uk