Fees and Funding

Introductory and short courses

Students on introductory and short courses are typically self-funding, or funding by their organisation, either as part of a gap-year, volunteer, or employment arrangement.


Other sources of funding may be available through regional grant making or local government schemes set up to support young adults through Further or Higher education.  Denominations sometimes have training grants available.

Undergraduate Studies

All students enrolling on a CYM undergraduate programme or pathway are eligible for SLC (Student Loans Company) funding through the student, providing they meet the necessary criteria. Tuition fees for undergraduate studies with CYM in England for 2022-23 are £7,997 per year (subject to inflation-based rises each year).

In addition, undergraduate studies with CYM involves continuous practice-based learning, from which some financial support is required, and may be topped up, depending on the specific arrangements between the student and their placement.

Postgraduate Studies

Until recently, postgraduate students with CYM have been self-funding or employer-funded for their studies, or a combination of both. For academic year  2022/2023 loans of up to £11,222 for tuition fees and living costs may be available for Masters courses through the Student Loans Company for full taught or research master’s degrees. The loan is not means tested therefore your household income will not be taken into account when applying for the loan. You can attend an MA Open Day in East Midlands and then apply for the academic years 2022/2023.

Tuition fees with CYM are set at:

Stage 1: PG Certificate    £2,598 (+£500 for JNC students)

Stage 2: PG Diploma       £2,598 (+£500 for JNC students)

Stage 3: MA                      £1,500

Further guidance on postgraduate loan funding can be found here.

(Note, Masters loans may not be available if you live outside England – you should check your local arrangements).