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This flexible postgraduate studies pathway awarded by Staffordshire University is ideal for those newly appointed into Chaplaincy roles, or those more established who are seeking to challenge and deepen their understanding and practice of this area of ministry.

The modules required for the postgraduate certificate in chaplaincy with children and young people will cover the essential elements of training stipulated by the UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy for registration.* Healthcare Chaplaincy modules delivered at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Chaplaincy, taught by professionals in practice.

It enables students to gain an essential grounding in the theology of ministry and of contextual practice, and to combine these foundations with contemporary patterns and approaches in Chaplaincy.

Through the analysis of historical and contemporary literature from the field, it will enable students to unpack, explore and critique their own Chaplaincy ministry with young people or children both theologically and practically.

Studying on this programme will enable you to gain:

  • A theological and theoretical underpinning for practice in a range of chaplaincy contexts
  • Develop your thinking in principles of community and spiritual care
  • A critical understanding of education and/or health sector based work, and the tools to transform your practice in these contexts
  • A range of transferrable skills including independent and creative thinking, self-organisation, team-working and supervision, creative communication.
  • Develop and deepen your experience from previous related qualifications, or provide a foundation for theological reflection on chaplaincy practice
  • Flexibility to investigate a focussed area of your choice in the Negotiated Study of Professional Practice

Learning in, and from practice

For the duration of the course, it is a requirement that you are hold position (voluntary or paid) within a relevant setting, where your professional formation as a Chaplain will be rooted in ongoing practice.

You will also be supported by experienced professionals who will enable you to learn from what you do in practice, and demonstrate competence in Chaplaincy settings

Academic and Pastoral Support

Alongside the interactive lectures and seminars, CYM provides study skills training, and ongoing academic advice and support for students, as integral components of the programme.

Course Outline *

The first two years of the course are delivered on a rolling basis, so ‘Year A’ will only be delivered on alternate years. Students starting in 2018 will begin with ‘Year A’.

Year A

  • Professional practice, social context and practical theology (30 credits)
  • Spiritual Care, Spirituality and Child Development (15)
  • Advanced Chaplaincy Skills (15)
    OR Advanced Paediatric Chaplaincy skills (15 – delivered in monthly study days at Birmingham Children’s Hospital)

Year B

  • Community, Research and Theological Reflection (30)
  • Facilitating Work-based Support, Supervision and Learning (15)
  • Negotiated Study of Professional Practice (15)
    (The Negotiated Study allows you to pick an area of interest from a range of modules offered by CYM, or beyond.)


  • Dissertation

* Students completing the PG Cert in Chaplaincy with Children and Young People, as training stipulated by the UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy for registration, only complete the four 15 credit modules from Year A and B


PG Cert Chaplaincy with Children and Young People

For the Postgraduate Certificate you must complete
4 x 15 credit modules:

  • Child Development, Spirituality and Spiritual Care;
  • Chaplaincy Skills or Paediatric Chaplaincy Skillls;
  • Supporting Professional Development;
  • and a Professional Practice negotiated study

PG Dip in Chaplaincy with Children and Young People

For the Postgraduate Diploma you must complete the Postgraduate Certificate modules and 2 x 30 credit modules:

  • Professional Practice, social context and practical theology;
  • Community, Research and Theological Reflection

MA in Chaplaincy with Children and Young People

For the Masters Degree you will complete all the modules for Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma and also :

  • a 60 credit dissertation giving space to research and explore an aspect of your practice in more detail.

Check out our dissertation library to get a flavour of the research undertaken by previous postgraduate students with CYM.

VALIDATED BY: Staffordshire University

COST: PGCert £2,000, PGDip £4,000, Masters £6,000

DURATION: PG Cert 1-2 years, PG Dip 2-3 years, MA 3-4 years part time

Entry Requirements

  • BA Honours degree at 2:1 or equivalent experience/ prior learning
  • At least three years experience in ministry, as a volunteer or paid staff
  • Completion of safe to practice checks (Access NI, Enhanced DBS)


PG Certificate, Diploma or MA

in Chaplaincy with Children and Young People

Where can I study?

Two Study Block weeks:

MCYM in East Midlands (October)

CYMI in Belfast (March)*

Termly study days in East Midlands

Healthcare Chaplaincy PG Certificate delivered at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

*Attendance at the Belfast study block may depend on the Negotiated Study you choose. Some of these are taught at other times and locations in the year, so it might not be required to attend sessions in Ireland.

Fees and Funding

Check out our fees and funding overview for further information

CYM Postgraduate Studies

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