Meet The Team

Faculty Team

Sarah Fegredo

Executive Trustee

Sarah has been part of CYM since she started as a student in 2005. After graduation she worked as Youth Pastor in a Baptist church and was ordained as a Youth Specialist in 2009. Following ordination, she studied for an M.Th. in Applied Theology at the University of Oxford.  

I am passionate about equipping those who work in churches with the skills and knowledge they need to work well in the places and with the people to which God has called them. CYM equipped me to do this, and we are focussed on providing excellent training that will serve students as they embark on their ministries in a fast changing environment.

Robin Smith

Academic Studies Manager

Robin is the Academic Studies Manager at CYM. Joining the team in 2016, he brings his extensive experience and insights into youth ministry across various settings to support CYM students in their learning and discipleship journeys…

My favourite moments in ministry, and now through CYM, are seeing young people and developing leaders realise they are ‘able’ – growing in confidence, inspired by God and supported by others to find their place in God’s mission.

Graham Bright​

Senior Lecturer and Practice Co-ordinator

Graham has been involved in youth work and ministry, both paid and voluntary, for over 30 years. He has worked in a variety of settings and roles including with churches, Youth Offending Institutions, schools, colleges and voluntary sector youth projects….

I love seeing our students flourish spiritually and professionally, and, how as a staff team we are able to integrate prayer, care, theology and theory in helping people grow and develop as practitioners.

Nigel Roberts

Course Tutor

Nigel has worked in youthwork and education for 36 years. He led a number of local centres for Youth for Christ before joining head office as Education Advisor, a role he still holds to this day. It is in this role that he has been tutoring as part of the CYM teaching team since 2009…

In Chaplaincy a key concept is that of accompanying – using the story of the Emmaus road we see Jesus walking alongside those he teaches, listening, understanding and finally sharing hospitality with them, with the result that at the end of the journey those accompanied know and understand Jesus better. That is precisely why I love what we do in CYM.

Jacqui Brown

Jacqui Brown


Jacqui is CYM’s dedicated administrator whose focus is to support faculty, trustees and students across the college’s operations. She has extensive experience in the education sector across primary, secondary and higher…

I really enjoy supporting students as they begin and progress through their programmes of study, as well as the day-to-day running of CYM, to deliver quality education in children and youth ministry.

Our Trustees

Ali Campbell

Ali has been involved in children’s and youth ministry for more than 30 years. He started out as a fresh faced volunteer at the age of 18, leading the children’s and youth ministry in that capacity at his home church for the next decade….
The work of CYM is vital for the future health and dynamism of children and youth ministry in the UK. I’m particularly excited about the commitment to continuing professional development – there is a vision at CYM to see everyone involved in children’s, youth and family ministry equipped and supported – whether ‘seasoned veteran’ or ‘just starting out’ newbie!

Amie Buhari


Amie started in youth work at 16 years old, when her pastor appointed her assistant leader on a Sunday school weekend away. She has over 28 years of experience of youth work and management…

As we begin to reimagine how we do church and engage with the community in this new season, we need a place of study that provides youth leaders with tools for changing times — tools that are rooted in Christ, and are effective for life today. CYM provides fertile ground for new leaders to learn and grow.

Barry Thompson

Barry has gained experience as an accountant across a number of sectors including private sector consultancy, local government and housing.  His most recent experience has been in housing where he has held two Finance director level roles over a period of 21 years…
I think it is crucially important that CYM is able to continue to offer high quality courses to equip people to provide Christian mission and ministry for young people, families and communities.  This has become even more important as we recover from the effects of the Corona virus. The college is working hard to adapt to new ways of working to support students safely and effectively in their studies.

Ian Taylor


Ian is the Youthlink trustee representative and has wide experience of charitable body governance, finance and strategy (see full profile). The completion of a part time distance learning MSc in 2015 provided an insight into the issues and pressures faced by students on CYM and similar programmes. He brings his background in academia and passion for youth ministry to the board.

Having seen the benefits of higher education to a great many students in a wide variety of contexts, I value what CYM continues to do in the youth work context.

Andrew Third


Andrew has recently retired from a career in business, part of which was spent in senior roles in marketing and commerce for large energy companies in both the public and private sectors…

The Church is called to be distinctive within wider society, demonstrating the alternative culture of a community that follows Jesus. Significant within that is the way in which we engage with children, young people and those who are vulnerable in our communities, so CYM’s specialist areas for training are crucial for the Church’s mission.