Short Courses at CYM

Chaplaincy Skills

28 February-3 March 2022 (Online)

This online course will cover basic skills in chaplaincy and key aspects of chaplaincy, including religious, spiritual and pastoral care in a range of contexts of school, college, young offenders and hospital. It will consider the history and theological basis of chaplaincy and engage in exploring various models of chaplaincy from a theoretical and practical perspective.


We will use a range of interactive learning approaches to reflect on chaplaincy in context and develop skills relevant to ministry within a chaplaincy setting.  Our reflections will be enhanced through input from visiting practitioners with experience in their specific fields of chaplaincy.

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28 February-3 March 2022 (Online)


CYM Certificate
at Level 4 or 7

Date & Time

28 February-3 March 2022

10am – 4pm


Online / Remote


Assignments and CYM Certificate at Levels 4 or 7: £225

Attendance and learning materials without accreditation: £175

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Who is this course for?

You will join in with current CYM BA and MA students during the course. Some will be experienced working in schools and colleges, others will be taking first steps.

What will I get out of it?

Develop Skills

by exploring different approaches to chaplaincy in a range of contexts.

Build knowledge

hearing from experts in their fields.

Grow faith

as you reflect on your own ministry calling.


If you choose to submit the assignment you will get a certificate of achievement from CYM, levelled pass, merit or distinction as well as more detailed feedback on your marked assessment.

No, unfortunately not this year. CYM is changing its validation to Newman University for 2021, and our previous partner is not able to accept new registrations. It might be possible to formally submit your assignment in future years and get credit then, as a stand alone module, or as part of a CYM BA or MA course, but we are not able to guarantee that.

A successful assignment will serve as an equivalent qualification to enter our BA or MA course next year, subject to other application procedures, and other colleges might accept this, but you will need to check with them.

Level 4 is the equivalent of 1st year of a BA course.
Level 7 is the equivalent of an MA module.