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Hope & COVID-19: Youth Work in the COVID Era and Beyond

17th March 2021 (Online)

The aim of this 1-day course is to inspire youth workers who are serving young people during the pandemic and beyond. The focus will be around the Biblical truth of hope and how to re-ignite hope within young people. We will explore how the every day lives of youth have changed, the impact it has had on youth work, look at real life stories and principles for youth work post-pandemic.


This course will be led by specialist CYM subject tutor, Jenni Osborn. Jenni has recently published new insights for youth workers on this subject in her latest book, From Isolation to Community: youth work in the Covid era and beyond.


“Hope is an innate part of what it means to be human, we are species who plans and looks forward and therefore it is an intrinsic part of our nature to have hope. Awakening this hope is a crucial role for us as youth workers.”   – by Jenni Osborn


10am-12:30pm – From Isolation to Community: stories, inspiration and principles.

1:30-3pm – Putting it into practice: a practical workshop, sharing ideas and building confidence for how to improve the youth work we are doing.

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17th March 2021 (Online)

Date & Time

17th March 2021

10am – 3pm


Online / Remote


£10 per participant

Who is this course for?

You will join in with current CYM BA and MA students during the course. Some will be experienced working in schools and colleges, others will be taking first steps.

What will I get out of it?


with other youth workers and listen to latest research findings on this topic

Build knowledge

hearing from experts in their fields.

Grow faith

as you reflect on your own ministry calling.

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