Students select a specialist pathway on the MA, based largely on the practice context they will reflect on, and in some cases the modules they pick. Specialisms include:

  • Youth and Community Work (JNC)
    • [accordian box] For those working with 11-19 year olds.
    • Compulsory module requirements. For full details see the JNC page
  • Youth Ministry
    • For those who already have the JNC award
    • Or those working with young people who want to choose optional modules beyond the JNC requirements
  • Chaplaincy with Children and Young People
    • For those working in, or interested in training for chaplaincy contexts.
    • Most contexts will be in healthcare or educational contexts, but there are broader chaplaincy roles.
    • Compulsory module requirements, for full details see the chaplaincy page
  • Children and Family Work
    • For those working in or beyond the church with children and/or their families
  • Community Engagement
    • For those working in broader contexts not limited the above.

If you have a particular Specialism you would like to discuss, please get in touch to begin a conversation about this with us.

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