Nigel Roberts

CYM Tutor

Nigel has worked in youthwork and education for 36 years. He led a number of local centres for Youth for Christ before joining head office as Education Advisor, a role he still holds to this day. It is in this role that he has been tutoring as part of the CYM teaching team since 2009.  


Nigel also worked in schools initially as a drama teacher then latterly as a community chaplain, a role which he held for 17 years in a school in Leicestershire. It was his experience in this role that led to his increasing involvement in chaplaincy teaching and thinking. He has created and contributed to many of the CYM chaplaincy courses, as well as developed working standards for Chaplains with children and young people.


His 36 years experience feeds into his teaching in areas such as leadership and ministry, education, faith and justice, and diversity. Nigel continues to work in supporting chaplaincy in a local school and as director of a youth theatre as well as leading youth worship initiatives in his own church.


In Chaplaincy a key concept is that of accompanying – using the story of the Emmaus road we see Jesus walking alongside those he teaches, listening, understanding and finally sharing hospitality with them, with the result that at the end of the journey those accompanied know and understand Jesus better. That is precisely why I love what we do in CYM.

Research Interests and Publications