Training & Development at CYM

Our Short Courses, including the ‘Practice Sessions’, are aimed at continuing to develop and enhance the capacity, credibility and creativity of your ministry.  Simply click to read more and signup online.

CYM has been at the forefront of Training & Development through our ‘Short Courses’ programme and continues to work with leading practitioners and agencies to develop those working with children, young people and their communities.  

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Chaplaincy in Education - Autumn 2022
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Bespoke Training

CYM staff are also available to offer training sessions to children’s/youth/community/chaplaincy teams. Our breadth of experience means that training can be on virtually any topic related to these fields of ministry – and can be made bespoke to your context.


Spaces and relationships that foster and enable theological, personal and professional reflection are key to the development of ministry and mission. They allow opportunities to prayerfully ‘be’, explore, think, unload, upload, discern and dream. They afford a different space which complements the structures of line management within churches and organisations. Non-managerial supervision (as it is sometimes known) allows you to work with someone who shares your passion for ministry amongst children, young people, families, communities and in chaplaincy settings – someone who has experience of ministry in your field – yet who is ‘independent’ of your context. Supervision and mentoring of this nature allow you and the ministry to which God has called you to remain safe, ethical, durable, vibrant and attuned as you journey, reflect and plan together. As Jane Leach suggests, it ‘…is a space in which God’s voice may be heard.’  

At CYM, we know our BA and MA students benefit immeasurably from this support from their Practice Tutors. However, we believe the relational spaces afforded by these practices are essential to ministry beyond study. We would love to hear from you if you would like to explore further what having a member of the team working with you in this way might look like.  


Members of the CYM team are also available to work with churches and organisations in developing their mission strategies. This can involve work with clergy, leadership teams and/or children’s/youth/community teams. Our offer can include spending time with you exploring theologies of mission, listening to you – and to God for and with you. We will dream and discern with you – thinking about the area you serveits demographics, needs and strengths. From this, we can work with you to develop mission plans and strategies and begin the process of considering how this work might be developed and resourced.