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4 May 2021

What a year!

This past year has been a crazy, hasn’t it? I only joined CYM in September 2020 and so have spent most of the time learning online. Last week was only the second time I’d met these people I’ve been calling friends, face to face!


Although this year has been tough, my experience of studying has been amazing. CYM adapted to meeting online incredibly, we are even undertaking some of the modules with the Irish students as well, who we likely would not have met otherwise.


I think one of the things I love most about studying with CYM is the focus on self. Being given the opportunity to reflect and grow in our own practice and theologies in a safe environment, be that online or in person, has been an extremely valuable lesson, one which has definitely impacted my practice as a Youth Pastor.


I particularly loved the diversity module we studied this year. This is because it challenged my theology and thinking towards people that are different to me. It gave me an opportunity to truly learn about and love my neighbour through the lens of Jesus. As part of that module, I was able to interview a local Imam via zoom. I learnt so much about him and Islam, all whilst been rooted in my own faith. We may not always have the same opinion on the course, but that is ok, because we are all learning together and working towards to the same goal, to help children, youth or adults, encounter the love of Jesus Christ.


What a year it has been.


CYM BA degree Student

Above: Adam Whiting.