CYM Blog

12 April 2021

Why Chaplaincy?

In the chaplaincy modules at CYM, we spend time thinking about theologies of chaplaincy. It is a really important part of developing your ministry, helping to clarify your calling and why we do what we do as dedicated chaplains. 
For me personally, the story of Jesus, Jairus and his daughter has been foundational to my ministry. In this video, I explain how Jesus does not abandon his people in their time of crisis and likewise, chaplains stay and walk through things until the person comes out of the other side. I believe that chaplains can become hope bringers and a committed presence of love, life and joy. 
So this is a really important area we focus on in the chaplaincy BA degree we offer. As we come out of lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, exploring chaplaincy across different community settings is going to become an ever growing ministry area as we seek to bring life and light back into in-person spaces. 
Nigel Roberts

Tutor – CYM