About CYM

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It’s in the name – Children Youth and Mission in the community. Those are the subjects that we specialise in teaching. Some Christian colleges will train church leaders as their first priority, others might have a primary interest in a particular view of theology. Not at CYM; our degrees provide students with what they need to work with Children, with Youth, or with the vulnerable in communities. We provide the theological insight, spiritual resources and practical skills that are the tools for the vocation our students are passionate about.


Our students will be trained for work in churches or local charities, feeding and loving those in their care, but also are equipped to then reach out into the surrounding communities. Our youth work courses provide a JNC qualification, recognised in secular youthwork, our children and families’ courses equip Christians to minister in tough situations beyond the church doors.


 Our courses have received top satisfaction rating from our students in the National Student Survey, and even official inspectors can see there is something special going on: a recent report described CYM as … ‘principled … [having] a strong value base, showing real care for learners.’  (National Youth Agency Validation Report 2020)


Our students spend most of their time working in their local community embedding the teaching provided in the classroom.

Our students are


We aren’t looking for clones. Our students share a faith and a passion for their subject, but beyond that they can be as different as they like. At CYM we take seriously Christ’s prayer that his disciples be one as He and His Father are one (John 17:21) and this means that Christians from all backgrounds are welcome. Typically, around half of students will come from evangelical and charismatic churches but throughout the course they will find themselves challenged by the robust and life enhancing faith of friends from African Pentecostal churches, while enriched by others’ contemplative practice, or by the vivid symbolism and imagery valued by those in more sacramental traditions.


After 20 years there are a lot of CYM people out there! On a course, friendships are made for life and the bond continues and crosses generations of students so there is a whole fellowship of CYM graduates in Christian youth and children’s work, supporting one another in good times and tough times.


CYM student satisfaction surveys always show top ranking satisfaction with the Institute and its teaching.