About CYM

At CYM, we have a long-term legacy built with churches, fantastic partner organisations, and charities that work across all areas of society. This precious legacy, however, is down to our students and alumni, who train with us to become the best specialists they can be in the field of Christian mission and ministry in the UK and worldwide. 

Our goal is to provide our wonderfully diverse classes of students with the best education and training from experienced lectures and module tutors, along with a breadth of experience at different placements. We develop our student's capacity, credibility, and creativity in Christian ministry and mission with children and young people and train them to the highest standards. 

As they serve partner organisations across different communities, CYM students gain valuable experience which shape their future ministry. They are practically equipped and professionally qualified for a lifelong meaningful, successful career in children's and youth ministry.

CYM is a worldwide spiritual family, and we welcome students from all backgrounds and traditions. CYM students participate in the college's spiritual life with rhythms of prayer, worship, and devotions. They learn from one another and grow in unexpected ways, ready to go and do transformational work in the lives of children and young people.

The CYM community doesn't end when you graduate either- the CYM family is a worldwide supportive network of professionals in children's and young people's ministry for life.  

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