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For over two decades CYM has sought to serve the church in the UK and beyond by being at the forefront of training and resourcing children’s, family, community and youth work. Throughout this history CYM has benefitted from the generosity of our donors. This has helped us to fund vital research, resource development and award scholarships and hardship grants to exceptional individuals who may not otherwise have had the chance of a university education.

When you give to CYM, you join a worldwide community of donors who are working with us to tackle inequalities, generate new knowledge, make a positive impact on society, and advance the Christian faith.

With your support, we can continue to use our expertise in research and education to help shape a better future for humanity.

Your gift can make a difference in so many ways.

By giving to the Institute for children Youth and mission, you could help us to:

- enable social mobility through outreach and scholarship programmes
- support young people’s aspirations
- encourage new talent
- develop ground-breaking research to help equip the church
- help develop new resources to assist the advancement of the Christian faith

    You can rest assured that one hundred percent of your donation will support the work of CYM.

    Life Transformers

    We're sure you're aware that whilst over 66% of the church lives in the Global South, this community only has access to 17% of the church’s resources (Deressa, 2020). Werner’s (2011) work helps to show that:

    “The absolute majority of resources for theological education – both teaching staff, scholarship funds, theological libraries and publications – are still located in the North, whereas the majority needs and demands for theological education, in a situation marked by a remarkable shift of the centre of gravity of world Christianity, are in the Southern hemisphere”

    In 2022, CYM launched its scholarship programme. We now have churches that are sponsoring student fees and providing salary for students whilst they study with us for three years. Through the marketing of this work, we had an unexpected response from those who are from the Global South. In fact, 50% of our scholarship applicants are based in India or Africa.

    We have prospective students and church leaders from the Global South that are keen to engage with our training through a scholarship programme. We have undertaken development work to enable our courses to be moved from face-face delivery to wholly online. We are convinced that CYM should play its part in supporting the provision of theological education for parts of the world where training and education is in demand.

    We are now establishing our ‘Life Transformers’ programme which will, in the longer-term help to help provide scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay for their training from the Global South. We were delighted in September 2022 to secure our first ‘Life Transformer’ sponsor without having advertised the programme yet and believe that there are others who would like to support this new area of CYM activity.

    We would love the opportunity to meet and discuss our journey with you, as we seek to raise a fund that supports individual students to study either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees with us.  

    Please contact our team directly by clicking on the button below to begin this journey or give online via our CAF fund above.

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