Give: Life Transformers

CYM are excited to embark on a journey with you, that transcends borders and empowers individuals in the Global South with the knowledge and skills to make a lasting impact on their communities.

Our Life Transformers giving programme seeks to establish Life changing access to postgraduate level learning for those ministering in the Global through a multi-partner funded scholarship programme.


As revealed by insightful research in 2020, a staggering 66% of the Church resides in the Global South, yet this group have only got access to 17% of the Church's global resources including theological education.

This situation can’t continue. At CYM, we are committed to redressing this imbalance and we are inviting you to hold the burden that God has placed in us to see theological education expand across the Global South. We believe that this is essential for see the furthering of the great commission across the whole world the entire.


As part of our response to the need to see access to acredited theological education expand across Global South we are launching our ‘Life Transformers’ programme. The Life Transformers programme will see CYM work in partnership with location organisations,and will initially provide scholarships for 10 students pursuing a Master's degrees in practical theology starting in 2024.

This initiative is not just about education; it's about catalysing over 2000 ministry hours in practice, creating a ripple effect that will touch lives, build communities, and strengthen the Church worldwide.

We invite you to join us in this project, contributing a regular gift per month which will go directly to students' fees on our Masters in Practical Theology Degree.

Together, we can start to bridge the gap, empower future leaders, and amplify the impact of the Church.


1. Provision of a place on our MA degree programme for 10 students from the Global South.

2. Work with partner agencies to deliver local connection alongside online teaching and training.

3. Develop ‘ways of working’ in delivering high quality training in a Majority World context.


Campaign budget:

£30,000 – funding 10 students for one year on our MA programme. We will need to continued funding in year two and three to bring these students through to graduation.

Matched Funding:

We have secured matched funding from a generous philanthropic individual which means that for every £1 given up to a total of £600pcm will be matched by an additional £1. We have until up until 1st January 2024 to raise the £600pcm in regular giving to see this match funded raised, helping this to become £1200 a month in regular giving which will provide the Life Transformers scholarships.

Understanding our target:

If we don't reach our target, funds will be used pro rata, i.e. the same work will still benefit. The work itself will not be in jeopardy. If we raise more funds that will be a great help, we can expand! The funds allocation is either clearly designated or restricted. A surplus on this Life Transformers campaign would mean less dependence on Trust and Foundations income. The programme’s purpose cannot become invalidated.



For over twenty years, CYM has provided high quality education to children, youth and community workers. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been impacted mainly across the UK and Ireland. This campaign will impact the lives of thousands of children and young people in nations all over the world, enhancing their access to basic needs and developing their spiritual lives in ways we can only dream.


Direct reporting from our partner agencies as to the attendance and impact of our students will feature highly as part of our continued feedback and monitoring process. Our existing higher education monitoring and reporting tools will be utilised to ensure the consistent high-quality students and agencies have come to expect.

How to give

We would love the opportunity to meet and discuss our journey with you, as we seek to raise a fund that supports individual students to study either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees with us.  If you'd like to get in touch with our team, please click here.

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