A Reflection Upon the Experiences of an Organisation’s Management Team Seeking to Undertake Missional Work within a New Housing Development

This research was carried out to consider how to support an organisation seeking to undertake incarnational mission within the area of new housing. The library based research reflects upon the difficulties the management team are facing in respect of the mission and explores the area of incarnational mission along with prophetic dialogue.

The research identified that the management team has limited experience and knowledge in respect of incarnational mission which can lead to ambiguity within the team. Further, the research highlights the issue the management team are currently facing in respect of not having a permanent presence on the estate.

The research introduces the reasons why new housing is relevant today, as well as discussing this within the concept of mission. In order to fully explain, there is a brief history of Christendom and Secularisation. Consequently there are two in-depth areas the research explores; incarnational mission and prophetic dialogue. In the chapters pertaining to these missional methods it is highlighted that both methods link to areas such as hospitality, reciprocal fellowship and community.

Alternative ways of having a presence are explored within the conclusion as is the concept of analysing missional works. Both the Fresh Expression Journey and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are discussed and a new tool for analysing missional works combining these two theories is presented.

Nicola Carter

Nicola studied with CYM for 3 years achieving an MA in Ministry, Mission and Professional Studies

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