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Chaplaincy Skills

A LIVE online and in-person course introduction to the theory and theology of chaplaincy in a variety of contexts.

There are currently no upcoming dates for this training course. Please contact us to register your interest.

This course takes the student on a journey through the theory and theology of chaplaincy and addresses key questions of practice. Special attention is given to Education, Prison, Health care chaplaincies and issues such as the place of proselytism, self care, working standards, critical incidents etc are introduced. Specialist input from experienced practitioners is given throughout the course along with opportunities to learn from each other.

The course will take place online and in-person at our Nottingham Campus over four days, 10am - 4pm.

"an introduction to the theory theology and context of chaplaincy and the part it plays in the mission of the church."


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Nigel Roberts


Nigel has worked in youth work and education for 38 years. He led several local centres for Youth for Christ before joining head office as Education Advisor. Nigel continues in this role as he tutors students at the Institute for Children, Youth, and Mission, where he has created and contributed to many of the CYM chaplaincy courses and developed working standards for Chaplains with children and young people. Nigel is a qualified drama teacher and was a community chaplain in a secondary school for 17 years. Nigel also works for the Saltley Trust, developing chaplaincy initiatives in Further Education across the West Midlands. He has a passion for drama and its place in youth work and ministry and led the professional theatre company Red River Theatre for 15 years, winning several awards and performing around the country and in front of the United Nations.

Nigel has contributed to several books and journals, including:

  • Core Standards of Christian with Children and Young People, CYM, (2019) Nigel Roberts & Rev. Dr. Sally Nash & Dr. Paul Nash
  • Drama and Faith: Using the Arts to Communicate the Christian Faith, Grove, (2022)

Research Interest
His research interests focus on the theology of chaplaincy and models of chaplaincy, particularly in education. He is also interested in spiritual development in schools and colleges and how it is taught and evaluated. He continues to research the use of drama in youth work.

Contact Details
Address: CYM, 16 Commerce Square, Nottingham, NG1 1HS
Phone: 0115 777 0102

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Where will this course take place?

This course will be held online and in-person at our Nottingham Campus. Details of meeting codes will be sent out in advance of the start date.

Who is this course for?

Anyone exploring chaplaincy in their context.

What will they get out of it?

An overview of theology and theory that lays a foundation for good chaplaincy practice and insight into a range of contexts and approaches.

Future prospects?

This course will give you a basis for work in the chaplaincy sector.

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