Staff Appointment: Scott Halligan

Chris Mason

Written by Chris Mason
on 22nd February 2024

Announcing our new Director of Communications, Relationships, and Engagement, Scott Halligan.

"We are delighted to have Scott join the team here at CYM. His knowledge of transition between KS5 and Higher Education, his passion for our work, along with his provoking and challenging faith will equip and enhance CYM as we seek to share with others about the CYM offer."

Principal & CEO, James Archer

"A quote: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt understood the importance of striking the balance between person-centred care and speaking truth. I love this very real application of Jesus’ explanation of the 2 most important commandments in Mark 12, and have seen just how transformative it can be when we manage it."

Scott Halligan

We asked Scott some questions about the season ahead and his role as Director of Communications, Relationships, and Engagement.  Here's what he said...

What excites you about communication, relationships and engagement?

"This is a bit of a Ronseal answer, but – like it says on the tin – I relish the opportunity to build relationships that equip and empower. I can’t wait to hear how we can support the great work churches are already doing with young people and grow expertise & capacity to develop children’s work that will have Kingdom impact for generations to come."

What are you most looking forward to in your role?

"Getting out to churches, schools and colleges - encouraging leaders and future leaders. Sharing the fantastic testimonies and insights of current students and alumni, with some life-transforming impact stories to boot."

Why is C.R.E important to the wider church?

"There is so much good stuff going on in churches across the country that the general public (non-attenders) don’t get to hear about. Furthermore, there are excellent resources and training available that many churches and future leaders don’t know about. If we can have a shift towards Kingdom work and away from denominational empire building, it will be significant in growing expertise and impact".

What are you hoping to see through your role in the future?

"Helping to create the platform to grow a generation of young people who drive the transformation of their communities through Word and deed. Young people from churches and un-churched families coming to faith through the power of the Gospel being outworked. That’s very much my story – a poor boy from a non-Christian family who came to know Jesus because of faithful Boys Brigade leaders. If you want to hear more about that, you’ll have to reach out…maybe I can buy you a coffee as we share our faith journeys?"

We can't wait to see all that God does through Scott's work with us over the coming years.


Why bother?

Why bother?

Why bother?! …. Does anyone care about ministry amongst kids, youth and families? Is anyone doing it? What are they doing? Does it make any difference???? And why is there not more investment in these ministries from the wider church?

Sarah Holmes - Director of Research

26th March 2024

Staff Appointment: Dr Sarah Holmes

Staff Appointment: Dr Sarah Holmes

We're excited to announce our new Director of Research, Dr Sarah Holmes.

Chris Mason - Marketing Executive

31st January 2024

Chaplaincy as a gift

Chaplaincy as a gift

Every chaplain in whatever context does their work starting from a foundation of theology. I work out of a theological web; a series of interconnected theologies, which, when woven together offer a rationale for chaplaincy that has biblical integrity and educational/pastoral attraction. At the heart of that web is what I term the theology of chaplaincy as a gift.

Nigel Roberts - Lecturer

5th December 2023

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