Growing Your Team

CYM has a proud history of serving the church in the UK by partnering together to raise generations of children's, youth, community and mission workers that have gone on to serve all over the world. 

From Training & Development, to Scholarships and Placements - it is a joy for us to serve the church!

We'd like to begin a conversation that has the kingdom of God at the centre through the vehicle of the church.  

Here's a few ways we can work together:

Training & Development

Our experienced academic team can design and facilitate training to suit your needs. We have a number of training packages already available, both online and in-person, but are more than happy to discuss your needs and develop something that supports your specific needs.

Over the last 12 months, we have delivered several bespoke training courses, here are some examples of modules we have delivered:

  • Educational Chaplaincy;
  • Intergenerational Ministry;
  • Children, Young People and Mental Health;
  • Mission and Evangelism with Children and Young People;
  • Pastoral Care, Mentoring and Supervision

We have developed courses such as Growing Younger, which is being delivered within the Church of England, and are also developing a suite of online learning courses. 

For more information about out Training & Development options, click here


We help churches find great people who want to work and study in ministry with young people, children and families.

Scholarships support churches appoint students in a paid vacancies and build the costs of study within the recruitment package.

This means that churches get to employ students, develop their skills (via our BA or MA Degrees), and increase the capabilities of their team. Employed students are supported by CYM to implement their learning immediately in the church setting.   A scholarship package can also mean that your vacant role is covered for a minimum of three years.  We can work with you to create an employment and study package that suits your budget.  

Check out our Scholarship Brochure, or contact our team to find out more.

What do our scholarship students say?

“I am doing Masters in Mission and Ministry with a focus on chaplaincy in a school environment. The course really compliments my work at the school because the content that I am researching is going much deeper than my current practice. The course is really deepening my understanding of how I can support others in my role.”

Masters Student Employed within a school context, and on a scholarship with CYM. 

For more information about Scholarships, click here

If you'd like to chat to one of our team about ways in which your church and CYM could work together, please get in touch.  

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